The Secrets Behind Successful Article Marketing

An easy way to get free traffic to your website or blog is to write articles and post them online. It’s easy to do and it’s free, other than your time of course. Eventually, you can pay someone to write the articles for you.

Since most beginner Internet marketers usually have more time than money, article writing can be an extremely effective way to get you started driving traffic to your website.

You may be wondering just how does an article generate traffic?

When you go to Google to search for specific information, you type in a question or a statement that describes what you need to know. Google searches the web till it finds information that matches your inquiry.

Most people read the top line, or first position first. If you like what you read, you will probably go all the way down that first page. If you’re pleased with what you read, you may be intrigued enough to click the link to get additional information.

Presto! You got a visitor to your website or blog.

Subsequent Searches on Google

Later in the day someone else searches on Google and the process is repeated. The following day another person searches and lands on your website, and this process gets repeated a number of time each day, and continues everyday, especially if the question is on a hot topic.

How to Get on the First Page of Google

The question them becomes, how do you get your website title to show up on the first page of Google, ideally at the very top in position number one.

There are a number of techniques used by people who specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These are specialized techniques beyond the scope of this article.

Quality Content

However, at the most basic level, you must publish quality content. This content, articles you publish in article directories or you post to your blog, are found by Google and other search engines to display when someone make an online search for information.

If the content you publish is good, the reader will continue down to the link to your website. If it’s not good content, they will click away.

Every time readers click away, Google knows it and your listing starts to slip down the first page, and eventually falls off the first page.

The other thing that happens is that even if your content is good, when another person posts new content that gets picked up by Google, your article from a couple of days ago gets pushed down by Google as it strives to provide the latest, freshest content.

How Do You Get Around This?

You guessed it! You write and publish more quality content. Be sure to never sacrifice quality, or your efforts will be in vain.

This is why to be really successful at driving tons of traffic with your articles, you must publish frequently. The really successful article marketers publish two or three articles everyday.

Is It Worth It?

Only you can decide. But if you get tons of free traffic from article marketing, it should be worth the time and effort involved. And if you are outsourcing your articles, just have to do the math.

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